Stock market in Bangladesh is going bullish after long period

At the beginning of the year, investors returned relieved from the fear of losing capital. Skyscraper transactions regained momentum in the capital market. After a decade, the transaction reached the house of 2.5 trillion BDT. DSE chairman said various steps to expand the market.

Yunusur Rahman. He emphasized on new data recovery technology. He wanted to take more steps in the development of the IT sector, so that all the documentaries of the capital market can be put together in a more coherent way in the form of a database.However, experts fear that the power decision will bring risks to the sector in the long run.

Professor Abu Ahmed, a capital market analyst, said those who come to invest in the market without knowledge of the capital market see immediate gains. But later on they face so much loss that they stay away from seeing the face of profit, they lose investment and become destitute. Therefore, to avoid risk, capital market analyst Professor Abu Ahmed urged to invest in the capital market after acquaring proper knowledge. In 1996 an 2010 Dhaka stoke market fall rapidly and thousand of micro investors loss their capital.Most of the investor blame market manupulator  for rapid fall.

But DSE Chairman said most of the trader want to be rich overnight by trading market though they have lack of knowledge about this market.


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